Dascoin : The Currency of Trust

To understand the digital currency revolution, understand trust.

DasCoin leverages the power of blockchainand cryptocurrency to achieve something amazing – a better way to do trust.

DasCoin Trust

We live in a competitive world. The person who can run the fastest track time, build the best company, or invent the killer technology, wins the richest rewards.

But before we can compete, we have to trust. We have to trust the race has rules; that every competitor starts at the same time, runs the same distance, and crosses the same line. When the rules breakdown, or aren’t enforced, competition turns to conflict, and nobody wins.

The modern world is governed by rules that allow us to achieve epic levels of trust. Just think about the hundreds of stages of trust that allow you to take money from an ATM on the other side of the world. The global economy is an incredible achievement of trust. But it’s far from perfect. And when those rules break down, the consequences are profound.

If we can find a more effective way to trust each other – if we can do trust better – we can grow our economy and develop our world even faster.

That better way is DasCoin.

Blockchain lets us write better rules. The blockchain is a fundamental revolution in how we do trust. For all of human history our economy has relied on a central authority; a king, a government, a banking corporation, on which we all trust.

History shows clearly the problems, from economic collapse to all out war, when these authorities fail in their duty of trust.

Blockchain is a technological solution that allows us to replace centralized authority with distributed authority. The distributed ledger of blockchain is built from many technologies, but its fundamental importance is because it lets us do trust better.

DasCoin is the first implementation of blockchain to truly understand and exploit the technology’s potential to innovate new rules of trust. It takes important lessons from earlier blockchain currencies, to achieve a truly significant innovation in how we do trust.

A blockchain that works with standing systems of trust.

As today’s most infamous implementation of the technology, Bitcoin has made popular the idea of the “public blockchain”. A decentralised ledger that, basically, anyone can read or write to.

Like a notebook left in a public place, the Bitcoin blockchain has ended up covered in the equivalent of digital graffiti, and used by criminal elements that nobody sane would ever trust. This failure of trust is why Bitcoin lost over 57% of its value in 2018.

And, even more seriously in the long term, lack of trust is why Bitcoin is being by banned by financial regulators worldwide.

DasCoin implements a blockchain optimized for trust. DasCoin balances the innovations offered by a public blockchain, with a flexible and transparent governance structure that is, crucially, designed from the ground up to be compatible with standing financial regulation systems.

To truly understand the cryptocurrency revolution, understand that it must be a process of evolution. If we are to build new systems of trust, they must first work with the systems the will ultimately replace. DasCoin is not a disruptive revolution against money.

DasCoin is the evolution of money.