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Why buy DasCoin? Ah, if only it is February 2011 and we can buy 1000 Bitcoin for the price of $1000. Now popular, and then known only by few within tech community, one Bitcoin had exact value of $1 only 5 years ago. bitcoin-price-2013Then near the end of November 2013, same one BitCoin had its price well over $1000. An initial purchase of $1000 turned into more then one million $ within 5 years.

Unfortunately we can’t turn back the time, but we can for sure create our own future by making a new smart cryptocurrency purchase. As we experience increasing number of internet users and increasing number of problems with standard currencies,  cryptocurrencies have no other way but to expand and thus increase their value.

Although we cannot be sure if DasCoin will multiply its value 1000 times, we can be sure that it will grow adequately with growth of its network and number of users within. In recent years, we can only see less and less opportunities to make at least modest returns. Banks, rental income, dividends hardly even reach 10% a year (in developed countries not even 5%). Purchasing any of the cryptocurrencies with solid background and good foundation is a much better option.

Looking at historical development of Bitcoin and then comparing it with DasCoin, we are now at a point even before 2009 when first Bitcoin was mined. At a current price of DasCoin it is more then obvious that buying your licence at this very moment is the best cryptocurrency purchase that you can make!

Why Buy DasCoin?

You couldn’t of picked a better time to buy DasCoin. We are now still in PRE-SALE, PRE-MINING phase and probably more then a year away of public trading. In Milestones chart we can see some of the planned,most important moments in DasCoin development. We do put most effort into EDUCATION, because only by understanding all the advantages of DasCoin on both economic and technical level, as well as getting to know the structure and members of the team behind DasCoin project you will see that the future of DasCoin is very bright and that its value can only increase.Phases of DasCoin development

Let’s see why adding DasCoin to your portfolio is a very smart decision – it is a hybrid cryptocurrency designed to deliver an ideal blend of security, convenience and utility. DasCoin combines the best qualities of decentralized cryptocurrencies with the best aspects of centralized currencies – and eliminates their weaknesses.

Some of the most important features and reasons why you should buy DasCoin:  –

  • CENTRALIZED EMISSIONS – A fixed supply of coins are released as a reward for providing the necessary resources for a dedicated network to exist and expand.
  • PERMISSIONED BLOCKCHAIN – Only verified participants are enabled to transact in the ledger system, creating an atmosphere of integrity among users.
  • DISTRIBUTED NETWORK – All data travels across a global network of computers.
  • DECENTRALIZED ECOSYSTEM – The combination of blockchain and distributed network creates an autonomous ecosystem that offers integrity, security and performance.
  • DYNAMIC PROVISIONING – Additional infrastructure is automatically allocated to support network growth based on current demand levels.
  • INSTANT TRANSACTIONS – Trades and transactions take place instantly and are non-repudiated providing maximum efficiency and integrity.
  • ROBUST MARKETING – The best of corporate marketing together with the best of decentralized affiliate marketing vastly extends interest and activity related to DasCoin.
  • FRICTIONLESS EXCHANGE – Dynamic fee generation based on bandwidth allocation results in no-cost and low cost transactions and world-class performance and scale.
  • FULL COMPLIANCE – Bank-level Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance creates a stable transactions environment of verified individuals.
  • PRIVACY WITH TRANSPARENCY – Identification content within all transactions recorded to the blockchain is obfuscated, providing privacy yet maintaining the integrity of the history of transactions.
  • SUSTAINABILITY – Resources for network growth are provided through the provisioning platform by individual licensees, and the network is able to maintain itself through its share of exchange fee revenue. The network delivers real-time transactions at virtually no cost, yet ensures that everyone is properly served. This is achieved by the measured way the network expands and how it intelligently monitors utilization.
  • SIMPLICITY – At the core of the currency is its simplicity and ease of use. DasCoin works closely with WebWallet to make the experience of transacting and trading with DasCoins as simple as possible. The digital wallet system incorporates a number of innovations aimed at providing a range of additional functionality through a very easy user interface, and conveniently available on your phone, tablet or laptop.


Benefits of DasCoin


  • STABILITY – The system is designed to optimize pricing stability. This is achieved through the calibrated manner in which DasCoins are emitted. Since the license packages are fixed in terms of price and amount of Cycles, as the network expands, the Frequency factor increases and this leads to upward pricing pressure on existing DasCoins. Consequently, it is likely for pricing to increase as the network grows and stabilize as the network reaches its full scale.
  • SECURITY – The power of the blockchain is foundational to the DasCoin system. A globally distributed database is used as a mutual ledger to document ownership of all DasCoins. It is maintained by authorized nodes that collect transactions and append them to the immutable ledger using modern cryptographic standards that enforce the integrity of all activities on the network. This forms what is known as a “permissioned blockchain” and is impervious to attack.
  • SCALABILITY – New DasCoins are distributed as the network’s infrastructure is successfully increased. The incentive of DasCoins results in resources becoming available when and where they are needed. Consequently, by linking provisioning to demand, the network is able to expand in direct proportion to the need for network services, making this model tremendously scalable.


Purchase DasCoin!

How to buy DasCoin?

NetLeaders is a Licensed Provider of Network Services for DasCoin and its Licenses provides opportunities to receive DasCoin. In order to buy dascoin, you will need to purchase a NetLeaders license.


These software licenses makes it easy for anyone to buy DasCoin – directly from the source. There’s no need to buy DasCoin on a currency exchange, or get involved with the complexities and hassles of a cryptocurrency “mining” process. Instead, NetLeaders software enables you to help build the distributed network (on which DasCoin operates) and receive DasCoins in return. The license gives you permission to provide resources to the network, and in return, you will be rewarded with DasCoins as soon as the network uses your contribution.

  • Cycles  NetLeaders builds, maintains and manages the distributed network used by DasCoin. “Cycles” are the basic building blocks of this network. Cycles are representative units of digital processing and storage capacity and their associated maintenance costs. With an ample supply of Cycles, new nodes can be deployed on the network, making it larger, faster and stronger. To provide the network with what it requires to expand, NetLeaders licenses its network provisioning platform to individuals and businesses. As an incentive for providing Cycles to the network, each licensee is rewarded with an amount of DasCoin calibrated to the level of the licensee’s contribution. This system allows DasCoins to be distributed into circulation in an equitable and logical manner – those who have made the most impact on the network are the ones who are most rewarded with DasCoins.
  • License – When you purchase a NetLeaders software license, you will be authorized to contribute to the network using NetLeaders’ proprietary network provisioning system. Instead of defining a license by a specific time period, NetLeaders defines its licenses by the level of authorized contribution to the network (i.e., processing power and storage capacity as measured in Cycles). Consequently, the greater the total number of Cycles you submit to the network, the more your contribution will cause the network to grow – and the greater the reward of DasCoin you will receive in return.
  • Frequency – Another very important factor in determining the impact your license will have on the network is the current level of Frequency. As the size, speed and strength of the network increases, the Frequency increases, and correspondingly, each additional Cycle has less and less impact (in relation to the total scale of the network). As the network grows, its Frequency gradually increases due to the accumulation of previous contributions of Cycles. Effectively, a rise in the network’s Frequency means that more Cycles are required before a DasCoin is rewarded. This in turn leads to a rise in the value of each existing DasCoin.
  • Upgrades – Cycles are issued to licensees in generations (lasting 2-3 months). The current generation of Cycles begin operations at 100% efficiency. However, the efficiency of Cycles gradually decreases over time due to the impact of Moore’s Law and related technology dynamics. The Efficiency of the current generation of Cycles is measured against the potential efficiency of the next generation of Cycles. Whenever the Efficiency of the current generation of Cycles drops to 50%, an Upgrade occurs which immediately doubles the number of Cycles available to the network. This is why the number of “Upgrades” stated on your software license is so important – the more upgrades you are eligible for, the more times your Cycles have the opportunity to double in number.

In packages comparison chart you can see options available at the moment.
You can start with this exciting business opportunity for as low as 100 Eur, which includes the smallest package.
Bigger packages give you bigger number of coins as well as additional bonuses.


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