How to earn money online in India with DasCoin?


I will answer why is the combination of digital product and affiliate marketing the best way to earn passive income online in India !

India is known to be very receptive for various multi level marketing systems but most, if not all of them experience serious problems in form of legality, products distribution and payment methods.
However, it is already a big market of English speakers which is constantly growing and expanding.

DasCoin is new hybrid cryptocurrency with superior blockchain and great potential for price rise. Purchasing DasCoin could bring an incredible return.
It also offers building a business by recommending DasCoin to others and gaining additional passive income from several types of bonuses.
DasCoin uses perfect network marketing (multi level marketing) to be promoted.

The fact that DasCoin is a cryptocurrency and thus a digital product removes many standard problems of multi level marketing, first of all the distribution of the product. Everything happens online and it makes the whole business much faster and global.

Other and much more important advantage is binary compensation plan implemented in the system. With strong team of uplines, members in India can enjoy the advantages of having their power leg built by their uplines in process called spillover.
Buy Dascoin team already has members from all over the world РUK, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Poland, Nigeria, India, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. There are 3 types of bonuses, direct bonus (10% of any direct sales), matching bonus (10-30% of network bonuses of your downlines) and network bonus (10% of weaker leg volume). The main advantage for members from India is the NETWORK BONUS.
Network bonus gives 10% of weaker leg volume, meaning that the member gets 10% of EVERYTHING that happens in the weaker leg, doesn’t matter if members comes directly, from uplines or from someone else in the network. Every multi level marketing system member from India¬†gets at least one international member GUARANTEED from anyone wanting to earn income in this business. It means big volumen in stronger leg and the only WORK is to make at least 500 Eur of direct sales in stronger leg and thus qualify for NETWORK BONUS, then building weaker leg and not only get 10% of direct bonus but as well 10 % of everything that happens in the weaker leg. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POTENTIAL OF THAT ???

Take advantage of all the benefits and JOIN OUR TEAM on the road to success and earning your passive online income in India!

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