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Earn by promoting DasCoin with NetLeaders! Create your network and build great business!

NetLeaders have recognized that most of DasCoin buyers will recommend this incredible opportunity and have decided to award them accordingly. That creates possibility to approach DasCoin as a business opportunity, apart from its attractiveness as fast and reliable cryptocurrency.


When you purchase any package you automatically enter the NetLeaders Affiliate Program where you get the link which you simply use to let people know about the fantastic value of the license packages. Anyone who responds will be automatically linked to your account and you will receive credit for the sale in your NetLeaders account. The cash component of the commission accounts for 60% of the total commission amount and the Cycles portion accounts for the remaining 40%. Cycles price used in the calculation is based on the per Cycle cost when purchasing a Manager license package.


NetLeaders compensation plan


How can we earn by promoting DasCoin as best cryptocurrency purchase and multi level marketing affiliate business opportunity ?

By recommending DasCoin purchase you make direct sales and build your binary network structure. From your structure you earn commissions from bonuses.

NetLeaders developed several starting bonuses, as shown in the table below –


NetLeaders Compensation Plan


First bonus is Direct sales bonus – as the name itself states, direct sales bonus gives us 10% of all direct sales of licences.


Second bonus is Network bonus – this bonus has its qualification, you should have at least 500 Eur of direct sales in both your left and right leg in your binary system network. However, I find this bonus to be the best since once qualified, you earn 10% commission from entire weak leg volume (everything that happens during a week in your weaker leg). This bonus is great for people interested in building big and stable network of DasCoin users and other network builders. Since most of the distributors will have one leg built by their uplines (strong leg), your job is to qualify for this bonus and by building your weaker leg take the most of it.


Third bonus is Matching bonus – besides qualification of 500 Eur of direct sales in both legs, there is additional qualifying title which will be connected with passing educational tests. This bonus enables the distributor to have additional % of commission in the depth of his network structure – it is a % of network bonus made by their downlines in structure. This bonus has incredible potential and is for people that while building their networks, also dedicate themselves to learning about cryptocurrencies and marketing and promoting NetLeaders and DasCoin on seminars and meetings.



Marketing Tools
To assist you in your marketing efforts, NetLeaders provide you with a variety of marketing tools, including banner ads, text links, text ads, HTML ads and email templates. NetLeaders also provide excellent reporting, including tons of charts and graphs and daily activity assessments.


Payout Options

Your commissions will automatically accrue in your account. When you are ready to receive your commissions, you can choose from a number of convenient payment options. Simply choose the amount that you want to receive and the payment method that best suits your needs. Payouts are made on a weekly basis.


World-Class Communications
One of the hallmarks of NetLeaders will be the level of excellence in all aspects of the company’s communications. We believe the key to simplifying cryptocurrency is in better communications. We endeavor to provide outstanding communication in a multitude of languages.


Educated Affiliates

As an affiliate of NetLeaders, you will be provided with access to a range of educational resources to help you better understand this emerging industry. As a well-educated affiliate you will be of greater service to people throughout the world who can benefit from cryptocurrency but don’t yet understand how or why.


Merchant Involvement

NetLeaders intends to make the merchant community a very high priority. Merchants are an essential element to the success of a cryptocurrency, and the company plans extensive outreach efforts to attract involvement by merchants of all sizes and a wide range of industries all throughout the world.


Strategic Partnerships

The management team at NetLeaders has already begun to work on a number of strategic partnerships that are intended to yield millions of new accounts for the company. These partners are a foundational element to the company’s ambitious growth plans.


Affinity Group

Ultimately, Netleaders intends to create the world’s largest affinity group for cryptocurrency: a group consisting of tens of millions of consumers and merchants all of whom recognize DasCoin and want to use it to store and exchange value in an easier, more secure, more frictionless and more beneficial manner for everyone involved.


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Transparent company structure and our team of professionals are guarantee for success!

Behind whole project stands a number of professional and several companies. You can find more about management structure and companies included here.




Our leaders are professionals with decades of experience in fields of finances, information and digital technology, operations and marketing. You can read more about each of them here.