Why would you join Buy Dascoin team ?

So you've decided that besides purchasing and using Dascoin, you would like to take the opportunity to build big network of Dascoin users and make stable and significant passive income. Question is - why would you join BuyDascoin team and not choose someone else to be your sponsor?

Strength of your sponsor and uplines is crucial in positioning yourself and having the best starting position for your business. If you would like to become a football player, I'm sure you would rather choose any big football star to show you basics and help you and not your neighbour or best friend that also has some interest in football.


Binary system of building network in DasCoin business shows the full power of having strong team in your sponsor line. The same way you found this website, people from all over the world are visiting it too and they consider joining this incredible online business with real and achievable passive income goal. Many of them have already joined our team and are part of our network.


Buy Dascoin team already has members from all over the world - UK, Ireland, Sri Lanka, Poland, Nigeria, India, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. All of them work towards reaching their financial goal and most of the new members that they invite into our network could be in your network too!

Now let me explain all the advantages that being a member of our team can bring you. As you know, there are 3 types of bonuses, direct bonus (10% of any direct sales), matching bonus (10-30% of network bonuses of your downlines) and network bonus (10% of weaker leg volume). We will focus on NETWORK BONUS.

Network bonus gives you 10% of weaker leg volume, meaning that you get 10% of EVERYTHING that happens in your weaker leg, doesn't matter if members come from you, from uplines or from someone in your network. Advantage of having a strong uplines (all of the current members of BuyDascoin team)  is that you get at least one international member GUARANTEED from anyone wanting to earn income in this business. How can I guarantee that ? Well, in order to have network bonus, there is certain qualification - at least 500 Eur of direct sales in BOTH stronger and weaker leg. Since we put all new members to the left, in the strongest leg, you will get all of the new members from all over the world that come to this website as well as at least 500 Eur of direct sales from any other member of our team that joined before you that is trying to qualify for network bonus. So in your new network, you will practically have one leg (stronger one) already built.

Your WORK is to make at least 500 Eur of direct sales in stronger leg and thus qualify for NETWORK BONUS, then you can continue building your weaker leg and not only get 10% of direct bonus but as well 10 % of everything that happens in your weaker leg. Imagine having several strong leaders in your weaker leg fighting for their goals and building their own networks within your network. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POTENTIAL OF THAT ??? 


If you don't have strong team behind you, it is very possible that you will be in weaker leg of someone who is trying to work locally and offline and after some time of trying, most people without strong team behind give up, and you stay without spillover of members from your uplines or sponsor. Then you have to build both legs of your binary system network in order to earn your income. Possible, but much harder then with stronger leg already built and constantly increasing its volume. So even if you already have your profit centers in other positions give our team a chance and very fast you will see new members, both users and advocates from all over the world popping up in your left leg. I'm sure that seeing big amounts of potential income will give you the strength and momentum to build the rest of your network and start enjoying the income and living the life you deserve!

Besides that, we offer full support on several languages, education materials, advices, guidelines for successful online and offline construction of your big network.  So take your chance and join us in incredible process of building international network of Dascoin users!